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rosanna's fandom stuff.

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fandom stuff by catflaphands

this is the icon/graphic/resource/tutorial/fanfic/fanmix and whatever else home of rosanna (catflaphands), opened as a replacement to her old icon journal, fallenhardicons. i wanted somewhere where i could keep everything in one place and so this was born. the rules are very simple; if you're taking something, you must credit. i would prefer it if you commented too; if i know what i'm doing good, i can do more of the same, y'know?
i am a very approachable person (or at least i'd like to think i am) so if you have a request (tutorial, graphic, icon, whatever) or want to know where i got something, you can ask and i will try and answer as soon as possible.
however, i've found a lot of people ask for a version of an icon i've made but without text or without a texture. this is not possible for me to do because i do not save psds of all my icons. i will happily make another similar icon if you ask nicely though.
the title of this journal comes from the puppini sisters song 'it's not over (death or the toy piano)'.

here are some examples of my icons:

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